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Building and deploying innovative tools and services

Our overall goal is to create a comprehensive ecosystem of business-related tools and software applications. One that is curated to meet the unique needs of the 21st-century small business owner and entrepreneur. To this end, we have - and continue to - assemble a host of tools that fit into our long-term and short-term perspective. 

Hassle-free Contact management tool

Mango is an all-in-one contact management tool. Mango helps entrepreneurs and small business owners manage all aspects of their day-to-day operations.

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The complete lead-generation solution

Plan, build and deploy data-powered marketing campaigns. Access quality data to help grow your business.

There is a sales script for that!

Discover effective cold calling scripts and email marketing templates that get the job done

Unlimited email verification platform

Email marketing is the foundation of any effective marketing strategy in the 21st century. Connect with the right customers, Anytime!

OsmosCoin is an Ethereum token that powers many of the applications in the Corvus ecosystem. Learn more