We are committed to seeing you succeed.

We recognize and understand the complexities associated with starting and growing a business. With the slew of expenses one must pay, not to mention taxes and payroll costs, the whole endeavor can, at times seem overwhelming.


Our goal is to see you succeed. The truth is, our overall success as a company is heavily dependent on your success as an Entrepreneur. We are committed to seeing you succeed, even in the face of cash-flow difficulties.


For this reason, we have launched the Corvus Reprieve Program ( CRP). We hear from thousands of customers each year who must make the decision to cancel their subscriptions simply because they cannot afford it or are having some temporary solvency issues. Well, we would like to help.


We will suspend your recurring payments for up to 3 months while you work to get back on track and once you are back in the black, we will start billing your account again. We will not bill you for the months you were in reprieve and you will still have access to all the features in your account during these months. This is our small way of giving you a break so you can continue to build our business. 

How it works

You can take advantage of our reprieve program in three simple steps:

1. Thinking of canceling your account for financial reasons? Request reprieve instead.

2. Wait for us to confirm that we have placed your account in reprieve. We will let you know for how many months we can offer a reprieve.

3. You will get a notice when your account is reinstated and let you know when your recurring payments will resume.

Frequently asked questions

Do I qualify to get a reprieve?

To qualify for a reprieve, you must have had an active paid account for at least 3 months.

How long will my reprieve last?

You can get a month of reprieve for every month you have had an active paid account.

How do I request a reprieve?

You can simply fill out the reprieve request form to be considered.

How will I know if I am placed on reprieve?

We will send you an email to let you know when you are placed on reprieve and when your account will be reinstated.

Need a break?